How to use Events and Addlistener to Update Ylim

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Hey, guys, I've been stuck for this issue for a really long time.
All I want to do is to create a event and listener, which allow me to update my ylim among several different functions to current one ( there is one big function set the ylim in gui, and this big function is calling several functions outside it. Those been called functions are calculated some variable based on a fixed ylim value, their ylim won't update as my big function's ylim changed)
Maybe this is a very simple one, but it took me really long to figure out.
I have also attached my "try" code, it's not completed, but I hope it can give you a rough idea about what I am trying to do.
classdef axesChangedNotifier < handle
methods (Static)
function createListener(~)
h = gca;
obj = addlistener(h,'PostSet',@updYlim);
function UpdYlim(obj) % allow user to update ylim
Thank you so much
Kat Lee
Kat Lee on 9 Jan 2018
Thanks for the example link, but I've found that I am still confused. Right now, I am thinking to let event's obj = main function that change ylim, and grab the axes handle, and let other function call this based on listener. But I am still stuck for how to realize it.

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