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How to delete all the scopes in Simulink?

Asked by Maria
on 4 Jan 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Maria
on 9 Jan 2018
Hi, in a Simulink model, I have used "Create and connect viewer" to see the signal in a specific point. I attach a snapshot to show how it looks like.
Now, after I while that I simulate and program, Simulink tells me that it has 7 scopes, but I actually see only one! I have no idea where the other 6 are...Is there a way to see where are the scopes, or just to delete all the scopes from the command window?


Can you share your model?
I attach a smaller version of the file. If I try "connect to viewer", it still shows me that I can choose among 7 scopes that I do not see.

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Hi Maria,
Please select Diagram > Signals & Ports > Signal & Scope Manager. You will be able to see (and delete) all the scopes attached to the model, even the "invisible ones".

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Thank you!!!!!!!!:))))))

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Answer by Abhinav Joshi on 8 Jan 2018
Edited by Abhinav Joshi on 8 Jan 2018

%Try running the below command in the command window in your current working directory where the model is present
% where 'state_space_forum'is your Simulink model name % This will delete all the Scopes that are present in the model

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Hi, it does not seem to work...

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