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How can I control the stacking order of objects in appdesigner?

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Kevin J. Delaney
Kevin J. Delaney le 4 Jan 2018
How can I control the stacking order of objects in appdesigner? It seems to be determined by the order in which the panels or axes are created. What if I want an object created later to slide underneath earlier objects?

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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski le 4 Jan 2018
You can control the order of the 'Children' of a graphics object directly:
fig = uifigure;
panel1 = uipanel(fig, 'BackgroundColor', 'b');
panel2 = uipanel(fig, 'BackgroundColor', 'r');
fig.Children = flip(fig.Children)
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Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski le 8 Fév 2018
I was just copying what you had to show that it works, they were adjacent in the question so assumed it was all in your startup. I wouldn't recommend calling uipanel in startup!
It's definitely a fair enhancement request to have them be adjustable in the component browser on the right.
paul harder
paul harder le 28 Août 2020
Yes, intuitively I should be able to drag panels up and down the component browser to order the stacking. It seems like the stack order is tied to the order of creation, which is super inflexible.

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Kevin J. Delaney
Kevin J. Delaney le 7 Fév 2018
Inspired by Sean's answer, I wrote the attached utility for use in the startupFcn:
move_to_bottom(app.UIFigure, app.Axes);

Wouter le 14 Fév 2018
You could also keep a list of handles; e.g. in the variable background and than move all of these to the background.
hfig = uifigure; % create figure
hax = uiaxes(hfig); % create axis
foreground = plot(hax,rand(1,100),'r'); % create red line
for ind = 1:10
% this moves the foreground plot to the background...
background(ind) = plot(hax,rand(1,100),'k'); % create 10 ack lines (on top of red line)
% move the background lines to the background!
ch = get(hax,'children'); % get all plots from hax
[~,neworder] = sort(ismember(ch,background)); % reorder the handles to move the background lines to the background
set(hax,'children',ch(neworder)); % set the new order of all lines

Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 17 Mar 2023
Starting in MATLAB R2023a you can use uistack to control the stacking order of ui components in a uifigure such as in App Designer.


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