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subscribe to a gazebo topic

Asked by Philippe Lebel on 5 Jan 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Philippe Lebel on 9 Jan 2018
I can see the gazebo topic using the command line option (ubuntu):
$gz topic -e /gazebo/default/physics/contacts
The problem is I cannot figure out a way to subscribe to such topic. I can easily subscribe and publish ros topics though.


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1 Answer

Hi Philippe,
Please see this link for an example on how to interact with gazebo. If you cannot see the gazebo topics by running
rostopic list
it is possible that the network has not been set up properly.

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well i can see some gazebo topics in the ros topics. I can even spawn models in gazebo from matlab. The thing is I want to get collision data from gazebo (from the following gazebo topic: gazebo/default/physics/contacts). I don't see any of the gz topics in the list I see in matlab when I use the buit-in functions from the examples.
Thank you for your help.

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