Connect Sensirion SFM3000 Flow Sensor - I2C via Raspberry Pi

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Simon Orlob
Simon Orlob le 7 Jan 2018
Can somebody help me to translate the following I2C description into MATLAB code?
I'm trying to access a Sensirion Flow Sensor ( SFM 3000 ) via Raspberry Pi. So far I manage to connect to Raspberry Pi's I2C device. Nevertheless the received data do not alter at all.
while (x<100)
The answer always is
ans =
1×3 uint8 row vector
7 194 139
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Esha Bhargava
Esha Bhargava le 12 Jan 2018
Are you able to read data continuously outside of MATLAB via the I2C interface?

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AJI le 3 Mai 2018
Hey :) Did you find a solution to your problem yet? I am having the same problem and get the same numbers as output. The only difference is that I am using an Arduino (also with Matlab)... When I try to connect the sensor with the Arduino Software everything works perfectly.

Clancy Dennis
Clancy Dennis le 7 Mar 2021
write(flowsensor,[hex2dec('10') hex2dec('00')]) works for me


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