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How to use external refernce clock with PicoZed SDR and MATLAB

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Yannay J
Yannay J on 11 Jan 2018
Answered: Neil MacEwen on 17 Jan 2018
I installed the Zynq SDR Support from Communications System Toolbox ( ) to transmit/receive with PicoZed SDR. I followed the installation of the hardware support package and some of the examples (such as the transmit repeat as showed in My problem is that I am trying with no success operating the PicoZed SDR with external reference clock, instead of the embbeded 40MHz clock. I noticed that the devicetree file was changed during the installation, and the rewriting of the SD card, I tried to configure the clock frequency and the mux so the PicoZed will use my external clock, but nothing has changed. What should I configure/change so I will be able to use external reference clock? note that I currently have the Communication System, DSP System and Signal Processing Toolboxes, and not the HDL and Embedded Coder Toolboxes.
Thank you in advance,

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Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 17 Jan 2018
Hi Yannay,
Unfortunately at this point there is no easy way to configure the external clock using our tools. If you require further information, please contact tech support.
Kind regards,

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