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Help with HW question regarding Sine waves

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Jonathan Marchetto
Jonathan Marchetto on 26 Jan 2018
Commented: Rik on 26 Jan 2018
I may be greatly overthinking this, but I want to make sure since I am new to Matlab.
The question requires me to create a sine-like wave from 1 radian to 30 radians, with 1 radian increments.
I have programmed it as follows
x = (1:1:30)
y = sin(x)
plot (x,y)
Is this the correct approach? Thank you.


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Answers (1)

Star Strider
Star Strider on 26 Jan 2018
It looks correct to me.

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Rik on 26 Jan 2018
You could also have a look at the documentation. For most functions it contains several examples. The documentation for sin explicitly states that it uses radians.

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