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How to check memory of code generated by MATLAB Coder?

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Malhar Ashtaputre
Malhar Ashtaputre le 13 Fév 2018
I have written a function in matlab and then i have used MATLAB Coder to generate Generic C-Code for 16-bit microcontroller. Now, i want to check memory usage of that code. Is it possible to check it in MATLAB?

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Denis Gurchenkov
Denis Gurchenkov le 21 Fév 2018
If you have Embedded Coder product, then you can use Static Code Metrics tab in the compilation report - you should be able to see stack size for each function in there.
To check the actual run-time memory usage (heap memory usage), I think there is no intrinsic way of doing that in MATLAB Coder itself. You can use some third-party tool that works with the generated C++ coder, such as valgrind massif, or VTune, or something like that.


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