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Creating a txt file with different types of data stored in each column?

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Jonathan Marchetto
Jonathan Marchetto on 15 Feb 2018
Commented: Star Strider on 16 Feb 2018
I am trying to create a .txt file with the following data in this format.
e 5.4 300+2i
f 3.3 3+200i
c 2.2 9.9+210i
f 1.1 2.290+0.1i
with e,f,c,f beign strings, and the last numbers being complex numbers.
I'm not sure what the best way to go about this. Should I create a cell array and then use fprintf to create a .txt file?


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Star Strider
Star Strider on 15 Feb 2018
If you have R2013b or later, create the cell array, then use the cell2table function to create a table, then use writetable to write the file.
C = {'e' 5.4+300+2i
'f' 3.3+3+200i
'c' 2.2+9.9+210i
'f' 1.1+2.290+0.1i};
T = cell2table(C)
T =
4×2 table
C1 C2
___ __________
'e' 305.4+2i
'f' 6.3+200i
'c' 12.1+210i
'f' 3.39+0.1i
Then write to the file.


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Jonathan Marchetto
Jonathan Marchetto on 16 Feb 2018
Hey Star Strider.
I've actually tried that format spec, but for some reason I am getting C = 1x3 cell array. The first cell has a 5x1 array with all of the values in it, the other two have NaN and NaN.
Here is my code:
C = {'e' 5.4 300+2i
'f' 3.3 3+200i
'c' 2.2 9.9+210i
'f' 1.1 2.290+0.1i};
CharNumber = cell2table(C)
fileid = fopen('CharNumber.txt', 'r')
C = textscan(fileid,'%s%f%f')
And here is what I'm getting (attached as file)
Star Strider
Star Strider on 16 Feb 2018
I did not realise this is a homework assignment. My objective was to use writetable so you can use readtable to read it again. The writetable function defaults to a comma-delimited text file, so in your textscan call, specify the delimiter to be a comma. That should work.

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