Slider appearance on Macs in a cross platform GUI

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UICONTROLs appear very differently on PCs and Macs. In particular, sliders have a much larger vertical extend on Macs. Thus, GUIs that I create (in a space-efficient way) on a PC will look horrible on a Mac and closely spaced sliders will overlap and hide each other.
Is there a way to adjust the appearance of the sliders (and possibly other uicontrols) on a Mac?
Or any other ideas to (automatically) adjust the GUI appearance on the OS?

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Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch on 25 Jan 2011
This page gives a whole range of tips for making GUIs that look good on multiple operating systems:
It suggests using characters units for your uicontrols, as long as your GUI is non-resizable. If it is resizable, it recommends using normalized units.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 25 Jan 2011
Stephan, are both the height and width of the Position properties being ignored on the Mac? If you get() the Position after you set it, is it the same as what you set? If you set() the size equal to the height and width from the Extent property (and add a slight margin) does it look reasonable for each individual slider, or is Extent disconnected from reality?
I think I would
to see if I could see some default setting that differed on the Mac. I would also cross-check that the same font and font size was being used on both.

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