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DAQ with raspberry Pi

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Luc Meijer
Luc Meijer le 21 Fév 2018
After researching the possibilities I’m left with some questions. I would like to run Data acquisition (DAQ) on my raspberry Pi to receive and later transmit data. The idea is to receive a vibration and send out, actuator movement to counter measure the effect.
While the Pi is doing this, I would like occasionally to connect the Pi to Matlab (while it’s still running) and receive the data of the in/out-going signals and be able to control the Pi.
According to the website: “MATLAB communicates with the Raspberry Pi hardware by connecting to a server running on Raspberry Pi “ I don’t fully understand this part. I’m I able to connect to the Raspberry Pi directly with Ethernet or is there another server needed?
Is it possible to connect to the Pi and analyze/control the data?
Hope someone can answer both questions, Thank you,
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Hans Scharler
Hans Scharler le 21 Fév 2018
What kind of project are you building?
Luc Meijer
Luc Meijer le 22 Fév 2018
Vibration cancellation. for example when you have a fan mounted to the wall, it will give a low frequency vibration, say something like 40Hz. I want to detect this spike on that frequency en counter measure it by sending out another signal.
The Pi should react on its own, but I want occasionally connect it to my pc to see what it is doing and preform tests en control the outcome to a signal.
Best regards,

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Luc Meijer
Luc Meijer le 22 Fév 2018
I came across the following information on the website:
"Connect to your Raspberry Pi over Ethernet or Wi-Fi, use MATLAB to acquire data from connected devices, and then analyze and visualize it in MATLAB. Access signal processing and video algorithms through add-on products such as DSP System Toolbox™, Image Processing Toolbox™, and Computer Vision System Toolbox™."
The Ethernet part is not really clear, cause I think it could mean connecting to internet via a cable and not a direct connection between computer and Pi to send and receive data. If i'm right, it means both. You can connect wired to the internet en then make a TCP/IP connection with Matlab, or a direct connection between PC and Pi.

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Luc Meijer
Luc Meijer le 22 Fév 2018
I found the answer to my second question "I’m I able to connect to the Raspberry Pi directly with Ethernet or is there another server needed?"
The answer is yes, the website only refers to a wireless connection but when installing the support package for the Pi, the install asks what kind of connection you want. Wired is one of them. The attached image.png shows this.


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