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sendmail.m and HTML emails

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Matlab2010 le 17 Mai 2012
Commenté : Jens Koopmann le 15 Nov 2015
I often use sendmail.m using gmail on win7 to send emails to myself when simulations have finished running etc.
sendmail.m allows for attachements and also allows for text.
does anyone know if sendmail.m (or anything else for that matter) can support imbedded images as per the HTML option of MS Outlook?
ie when a user recieves an email in outlook, they do not have to open a jpeg attachment, but the image is in the body of the text.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 6 Fév 2013
Sometimes email programs (like Yahoo.com) will automatically embed attached images in the body of the message. I'm not sure if yours does or not.
Jens Koopmann
Jens Koopmann le 15 Nov 2015
Cool that works really well Thanks for sharing

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Jan le 6 Fév 2013
Do you mean something like embedding this in the HTML message:


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