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Cannot find Simscape Driveline

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Matteo Manganelli
Matteo Manganelli le 26 Mar 2018
Commenté : Andreas Goser le 27 Fév 2019
Hello, I cannot find Simscape Driveline in my installation (R2018a via Total Academic Headcount). How can I check if/where it is installed and, if not, what is the problem (e.g. if it is included in the license)? Thank you.

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 27 Mar 2018
Matteo, I have looked up the license you are using and it does not include Simscape Driveline. I have informed the account manager for your university. Maybe the product is available on a different license for you.
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Wei Kang Chang
Wei Kang Chang le 27 Fév 2019
I have the similar problem, i need simscape driveline to do my simulation but it does not include in the R2018b Matlab I downloded through my university license. How can I add on? Thank you.
Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 27 Fév 2019
I also looked up the license you are linked to and find Simscape Driveline being part of the license. I can only speculate what your IT needs to do differently to provide you access. If you contact your IT and they also do not know, they can contact MathWorks Installation Support.

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