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How to solve this error "Each physical network must be connected to exactly one Solver Configuration block."?

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Hi, I have a project to create a battery model. So when I run the simulink model, it shows an error "Each physical network must be connected to exactly one Solver Configuration block. There is no Solver Configuration block connected to Physical Network with the following blocks". I know that I need to insert a solver configuration block but where to insert it , I have no clue. I am attaching a snapshot of the simulink model and error as well. The formula of the resistors and capacitors that I used are as follows:- r_series = (0.1562*exp(-24.37.*soc)) + 0.07446; r_transient_s = 0.3208*exp(-29.14.*soc) + 0.04669; c_transient_s = -752.9.*exp(-13.51.*soc) + 703.6; r_transient_l = 6.603*exp(-155.2.*soc) + 0.04984; c_transient_l = -6056*exp(-27.12.*soc) + 4475; soc is the state of charge and it is made to vary from 0 to 100% in steps of 0.01. So I made a matlab code then I brought these values into Matlab workspace. Then the simulink uses the same values from workspace. So for the series resistor, 2 transient capacitors, 2 transient resistors, we use the above generated vector values. But then when I run the simulation, the above mentioned error is generated. Please can anyone help me out with this problem, I would highly appreciate your help.

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Birdman le 5 Avr 2018
Generally, Solver Configuration blocks are inserted to the reference point of the model, in this case, which is your electrical reference. Add it to there.
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Humdard le 5 Avr 2018
I have attached the mdl file. If it is possible can you go through it.
Manasa B
Manasa B le 20 Avr 2020
i have the same issue
"no solver configuration block"
even after i put the electrial reference
could u help me out

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Behnam Mohammad
Behnam Mohammad le 15 Jan 2020
Did you guys figure it out?


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