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How can I connect to remote mysql database from matlab mobile?

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Volodymyr Naumenko
Volodymyr Naumenko le 6 Avr 2018
Connecting from matlab mobile:
{conn = database('db','user','passw', ...
'com.mysql.jdbc.Driver', ...
Connection Massage: 'No suitable driver found'. From laptop connection works fine.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 9 Avr 2018
I doubt that MATLAB Online permits remote connections.

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Pradeep le 9 Avr 2018
Not sure if this is something specific to your network, but - prior to connecting to the database - could you try adding your driver to the Java class path as follows:
>> javaaddpath('path to MYSQL connector JAR');
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Volodymyr Naumenko
Volodymyr Naumenko le 9 Avr 2018
I do it with my desctop matlab (driver need to be instulled before), but I try to do it with cloud connection from matlab mobile... Where should I store mysql connector in this case?

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