ADALM-PLUTO Radio Hardware Software Co-Design

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ADALM-PLUTO Radio has Zync SOC just like USRP E310. But the examples provided in the Hardware Support Pakage only includes host programming. Is it possible to program ADALM-PLUTO using "Hardware Software Co-Design" just like USRP E310 example? E310 Hardware Software Co-Design

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Adeel on 13 Apr 2018
Noam, Thanks for your reply.
I understand that FPGA resources of Pluto are very less but still I want to add some custom counter/ state-machine in the Pluto FPGA. I think they will fit in the available resources. I have studied the Mathworks documentation about registering the Custom Board but I am unable to find the required files e.g xps project on Analog Devices website. Can you plz guide me in this?
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Noam Levine
Noam Levine on 13 Apr 2018
A lot of Pluto source information can be found on ADI's Wiki, especially:

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Noam Levine
Noam Levine on 12 Apr 2018
The Zynq chip in the ADALM-Pluto is a Z-7010, which has only 28K logic cells, 2.1Mb of block RAM, and 80 DSP slices. The E310 uses a Z-7020 device, which has 85K logic cells, 4.9Mb of Block RAM, and 400 DSP slices.
So, while it is theoretically possible to target the Zynq on Pluto using our hardware/software codesign workflow, the size of the Zynq on Pluto limits the usefulness of any algorithm you may want to deploy. It's really designed to be a data streaming device.
If you want to experiment with targeting, you would need to create a custom reference design for the Z-7010 + AD9363, and ensure that you can download a new bitstream over USB, which is the only available access to the hardware.

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