Interface MATALB with Raspberry Pi

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Hi Guys, I m trying to interface MATLAB with Raspberry Pi, and i want to execute/run my Raspberry Pi Coding in MATLAB. I m try using the TCP/IP protocol interface to communicate MATLAB with Raspberry Pi, but it is not working. Anyone at here, have any idea or experience by interface the MATLAB with Raspberry Pi using TCP/IP protocol?? Need an advice. Thank you so much :)
Yongzhi Liu
Yongzhi Liu on 23 Mar 2022
install Hardware Support Package, it works with simulink and matlab command line.

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Adarshini K
Adarshini K on 19 Jul 2022
From my understanding of your question, I hope the following documentation which has a similar use case may give you an insight of how to interface MATLAB with RaspberryPi.

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Shivam on 30 Jul 2022
I will say, you go through the following documentation and pages linked to it. You may find solution in it.


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