Can I creat a standalone application that contains a 'Matlab Mex' data ?

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ietec le 30 Avr 2018
Commenté : ietec le 7 Mai 2018
Dear all,
I want to creat a standalone that contains a 'Matlab Mex' data. But when I start the exe I get no results. To get the exe I use the Matlab Compiler. In "Files required for your application to run" I have loaded, the 'Matlab Mex' File and the figure. Should I load something else too?
Thank You for your help

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Faiz Gouri
Faiz Gouri le 3 Mai 2018
mex files can be used in standalone applications and dependency analyzer will automatically pick up required dependencies(including mex files). Do you see any error message while executing the standalone?
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ietec le 7 Mai 2018
That was the problem. I don't uncheck the “Do not display the Windows Command Shell for execution” checkbox under Additional Runtime Settings in the Application Compiler project. After that I get a feedback.

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