how to obtain the parameters of the step response within matlab?

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hello, I have step response in open loop of my model and I want to use Matlab to obtain the : T time constant L dead time A see figure

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M on 24 May 2018
Look at the stepinfo command.
M on 31 May 2018
it is used only when there is some oscillation before settling.
No, try:
sys=tf([1],[1 1]);
you can check that it is a first order system (no oscillations) with:
and you can retrieve the data you want with:
ans =
struct with fields:
RiseTime: 2.1970
SettlingTime: 3.9121
SettlingMin: 0.9045
SettlingMax: 1.0000
Overshoot: 0
Undershoot: 0
Peak: 1.0000
PeakTime: 10.5458
What other meaningful information would you want?

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