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MATLAB crashes if imshow is used.

Asked by Nitant Upasani on 28 May 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Nitant Upasani on 4 Jun 2018
It was working fine before on the same system. It was shown once that the error is due to low graphics settings. The system recommended to use opengl('save', 'software') command, but even after using this, same error is displaying.
Assertion in void __cdecl `anonymous-namespace'::mwJavaAbort(void) at b:\matlab\src\jmi\javainit.cpp line 1356: Fatal Java Exception.


Please help me out!
You need to contact Mathworks on this.

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1 Answer

Answer by Aakash Deep on 4 Jun 2018

If you have a valid license then you can contact support from the below link
To get your license number, type
on the command window.
The support team will contact you within 24 hours.


... within one business day, not 24 hours.
Thank you.

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