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How to clear MATLAB Workspace directly through App designer

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Farzam Malmir
Farzam Malmir le 29 Mai 2018
Commenté : Liv Nikolich le 6 Oct 2023
I have designed a GUI that successfully runs a Simulink model and then load the post processing results into App designer. However, after the first simulation, if I want to change the parameters in the GUI and the run it again, I face error due to a couple parameters in the MATLAB Workspace that conflict with the new variables. Therefore, the Workspace has to be erased before the second simulation. As "clear command" doesn't work when it's recalled through App designer, I want to know what else I can use to resolve the problem.
Thanks in advance.

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Farzam Malmir
Farzam Malmir le 30 Mai 2018
The problem solved by creating a Simulink file which simply contains a callback function to clear the workspace. Then I added a code to recall this model at the end of my run script to erase everything before the next run.
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Liv Nikolich
Liv Nikolich le 6 Oct 2023
Hello! I'm having the same problem mentioned above. Can you share your code to fix the problem? Thank you!

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