Why do I get the warning "MATLAB:di​spatcher:I​nexactCase​Match Cannot find an exact (case-sensitive) match for 'startup'" on MATLAB startup?

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On startup the following message is displayed:
Warning: Executing startup failed in matlabrc.
This indicates a potentially serious problem in your MATLAB setup, which should
be resolved as soon as possible. Error detected was:
Cannot find an exact (case-sensitive) match for 'startup'
The closest match is: Startup in C:\Users\timdu\Documents\MATLAB\StartUp.m

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 6 Nov 2019
The startup file MATLAB searches for is case sensitive.
In order to resolve this issue, the current 'StartUp.m' file should be renamed to 'startup.m'.

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Bill Tubbs
Bill Tubbs on 20 Sep 2020
Edited: Bill Tubbs on 20 Sep 2020
For me the problem started after I added a path to a module that I am using for a course. The scripts in this module are launched using a script called 'Startup.m' and I was told to add its directory to the Matlab path (which I did using addpath).
So, to fix it I did this:
and now I do not get the warning at startup.
Presumably the Matlab system also uses a file called 'startup.m' somewhere and therefore you must never create a file with that name and permanently add it to the path.


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