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convert matrix to tensor

Asked by SOUMYA SUVRA GHOSAL on 4 Jun 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Aakash Deep on 5 Jun 2018
i have a data set which has the following structure road_segment_id/<time_slot>/<driver_id>/<travel_time> Now I need to select randomly 100 driver ids and create a 3-d tensor with road_segment_id,driver_id,time-slot on 3 sides.Let the tensor be A then a(i,j,k)=c represents that time taken by driver j to traverse road segment i on time-slot k is c. the attached file showing a part of data set is there.

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here's my code,please tell me where is the error
for ii=1:n_road
for jj=1:100
for kk=1:n_time
[r]=find(M(:,1)==road(ii) & M(:,3)==driver(jj) & M(:,2)==time(kk));
A is the 3d array
its giving error that
"Assignment has more non-singleton rhs dimensions than non-singleton subscripts"
Error in tensor A(ii,jj,kk)=M(r,4);

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Answer by Aakash Deep on 4 Jun 2018

If this doesn't work you can still ask about it but try to mention more information about the dimensions of input matrix and output tensor.


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Aakash Deep on 4 Jun 2018
Hey Soumya, yes you are right that the error is in below statement
because when you execute below statement
[r]=find(M(:,1)==road(ii) & M(:,3)==driver(jj) & M(:,2)==time(kk));
there might be chances that we will get a vector because there are possibilities that more than 1 index values are same. So, this will give a vector of nx1 dimension. Now, you are trying to insert this vector into a cell of a tensor i.e. A(ii,jj,kk)
Hope this helps :)
Thank you so much Aakash, can you do me one last favour by telling how to modify the code. Means what should I write in the assignment statement.
Aakash Deep on 5 Jun 2018
Hey Soumya, your approach is correct to populate the tensor. I am not exactly able to figure out why it is behaving like this but here are the few tips you should try:
  • After looking at the below statement,
[r]=find(M(:,1)==road(ii) & M(:,3)==driver(jj) & M(:,2)==time(kk));
I am assuming that the error is coming from M(:,3)==driver(jj) this part because the value of road can repeat as many time it wants and the value of time can also repeat but what can not repeat is the driver_id for the same pair of road and time (if it does then there is redundancy is your data).
  • There can be a possibility that the vector r contains same value multiple times. So just try to use unique on r and then use it as an index value.
  • There are highly chances that the vector r can be a null set because of the & operator so you should first check it if it is a single value or not before using it as a index value during assignment. This will fix some of your errors.
Hope this helps :)

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