Obtain initial data type from cell array if I stored functions in the cell array

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I want to calculate specific heat of 5 components at a given temperature. If I store the five functions in a cell array. If I try to call e.g. Cp(1), it returns a 1*1 cell containing my function, but not the function itself that I want to use. Can someone help me with this issue. In this function I want to return a vector containing specific heat values. Thank you!

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 5 Jun 2018
You stored using {} indexing and you need to retrieve using {} indexing. Cp{1}

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Matt Dickson
Matt Dickson on 5 Jun 2018
To get the value out of the cell by index, use curly brackets to index. For example:
foo = {'bar' 'baz'};
a = foo(1) % a = 1x1 cell
b = foo{1} % b = 'bar'


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