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Readtable error: Index exceeds array bounds.

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alpedhuez on 6 Jun 2018
Commented: Jeremy Hughes on 8 Jun 2018
I ran readtable as in the following command:
E = readtable('C:\Dropbox\Matlab\AAA\BBB.csv');
and got the following error message. Please advise. (Note: the csv file works with Import tool.)
Error using readtable (line 197)
Index exceeds array bounds.
Note: readtable detected the following parameters:
'Delimiter', ',', 'HeaderLines', 0, 'ReadVariableNames', true, 'Format', ''
Error in *** (line 33)
E = readtable('C:\Dropbox\Matlab\AAA\BBB.csv');


Paolo on 6 Jun 2018
Whats the format of your .csv file?
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 8 Jun 2018
Hi, It would help to see what's in the file. If you can upload the file, I might be able to help you work around this.

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Answers (1)

Aakash Deep
Aakash Deep on 6 Jun 2018
You can try
command to read a .csv file
If you think path is creating problem somewhere, you can keep the file in the same directory as well and by this there is no need to give path. In your case, the command will be,
data = dlmread('C:\Dropbox\Matlab\AAA\BBB.csv', ',');
Hope this helps :)


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