Simulink Model of Regenerative Braking

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Daniel Gonzales
Daniel Gonzales on 8 Jun 2018
Commented: 은규 손 on 2 Apr 2023
Hi is it possible to create a simulink model of regenerative braking using MATLAB? Has anyone done it before? Can you share some of your simulation?
saikiran reddy
saikiran reddy on 15 Dec 2022
Moved: John D'Errico on 24 Jan 2023
Hi all does any one has done project on Regenerative Braking in Electric Vehicle Using Hybrid Energy Storage System (Battery+Supercapacitor (or) Fuel Cell (or) Flywheel)

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Monica S
Monica S on 12 Apr 2021
Hi Everyone,
I have attached my MatLab simulation model for you guys to learn and analyse how it works.
I am sorry, I was away and did not open this account for a long time.
Hopefully the model file helps you guys!
은규 손
은규 손 on 2 Apr 2023
hello monica i am an engineeering student in automotive. can you share your mathmatical model for regenerative braking?? I can't calculate with my model. can you share it?
please contact to me.

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Monica S
Monica S on 2 Feb 2019
Regenerative braking for an EV? Need some informations on what exactly you want to simulate.
I did a simulation on regeneration braking using BLDC motor for EV applicaitons (though battery charing was very minimal).
Let me know what exactly you're searching for..
Lalitmohan Jayakumar
Lalitmohan Jayakumar on 23 Feb 2023
Hey Monica. I am doing a project based on regenerative braking. Wanted to know more. Can u pls contact me . Mail id : Kindly reply me as soon as possible. Thankyou.

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Juan Sagarduy
Juan Sagarduy on 23 Mar 2021

Hi Daniel

Check out the link below:

Br Juan

Mike Sasena
Mike Sasena on 12 Apr 2022
Edited: Mike Sasena on 7 Jun 2022
Please note that there are some great models for Hybrid Electric (HEV), Battery Electric (EV) and Fuel Cell (FCEV) vehicles in Powertrain Blockset, each of which includes the controls logic and physics modeling to capture regenerative braking. Check out these reference applications to help you get started.


Find more on Powertrain Blockset in Help Center and File Exchange

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