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How can I enable my E310 to receive over-the-air ADS-B Signals?

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Ben Gendell
Ben Gendell on 18 Jun 2018
Answered: Neil MacEwen on 2 Jul 2018
I have been following the directions here - - for developing the ADS-B Tracker using a USRP E310 Radio. However it is unclear as to how I need to disable the transmitter to receive over-the air signals. In addition, it is also unclear as to how program the center frequency correctly to 1090MHz. The E310 is set up correctly using the Communications System Toolbox.

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Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 2 Jul 2018
Hi Ben,
To disable the transmitter, right click on the transmitter block and select "Comment Out". Do the same for the constant source connected to the transmitter data port.
To change the center frequency, double click on the Receiver block and edit the edit box for the Center Frequency parameter. Documentation for the receiver block is here .
Kind regards,

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