overlapping and coloring pictures in a sequence

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Mohammed Ali
Mohammed Ali le 23 Juin 2018
I have thi code to colorize pictures in folders and overlapping every two pictures to gether, but I manually change the name of each two files to overlap and also change the name of the written file. Is there is a code could help me to change the name automatically as I have about 1000 files in each folder. this is my code.
if true
a=imread('square 27_filter 4.tif');
b=imread('square 27_filter 5.tif');
% C = imfuse(a,b,'blend','Scaling','joint');
% imwrite(C,'Square_1.png');
% figure;imshow(a)
% figure;imshow(b)
% figure;imshow(C);
blackImage = zeros(size(a), 'uint8');
a_green = cat(3, blackImage, a, blackImage);
%blackImage = zeros(size(b), 'uint8');
b_red = cat(3, b, blackImage, blackImage);
%C_rg = imfuse(a_green,b_red,'blend','Scaling','joint');

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Gayatri Menon
Gayatri Menon le 28 Juin 2018
If the name of the images you are trying to read differs only in some number in the name, for example name of images are square 27_filter 1, square 27_filter 2 etc, then you can use a sprintf command in a "for" loop to read the images without manually changing the names.
for i=1:n
name = sprintf('square 27_filter %d.tif', i);
blackImage = zeros(size(a), 'uint8');
% rest of your code
Hope this helps.


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