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Trying to isolate rows in a specific time

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So I am trying to isolate specific variables in a certain time frame, I have different columns for time and what I need but the data is in a table. Is there a way for me to create a new variable with only the rows of these specific times only. I have attached screenshots of the workshop tables, tahnk you.


Guillaume on 25 Jun 2018
Screenshots are useless. We can't test code on them. Attach demo mat or text files instead.
However, before that you need to explain a lot better what it is you want. An example of desired output would help greatly.
Cameron Power
Cameron Power on 25 Jun 2018
All I want is to take the data file I have with time intervals of 3 or hour sampling for an entire year, and extract only the data within a certain timeframe, say from 1500Hr to 1700Hr. The time in hours is separate from the other information I need so I want to pull out the entire row. I have attached a csv, import it into Matlab to see the format.

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 25 Jun 2018
First of all, your csv file is not properly formatted. So it is difficult to use csvread() or readtable() directly. The following code use textscan() to read the file and then extract rows based on the specified hour range
f = fopen('Shearwater.Surface.Wind_Direction_and_Wind_Speed.2006.3-hourly.csv');
data = textscan(f, '"%f,%f,%f,%f,%f,%f"', 'HeaderLines', 1);
data = cell2mat(data);
dates = datetime([data(:,1:4) zeros(size(data,1), 2)]);
dataTable = table(dates, data(:,5), data(:,6), 'VariableNames', {'datetime', 'wind_direction', 'wind_speed'});
Hours = hour(dataTable.datetime);
index = Hours >= 15 & Hours <= 17; % all rows where house is between 15 and 17
requiredTable = dataTable(index, :);


Cameron Power
Cameron Power on 27 Jun 2018
Still nothing sadly, this error returned; "Error using vertcat Dimensions of matrices being concatenated are not consistent." and this is a screenshot of the table
Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 27 Jun 2018
The screenshot shows that it is reading date time as char array but the above statement should still work. I have no idea what might be causing the issue.
Cameron Power
Cameron Power on 28 Jun 2018
I do not either, thank you for the help thus far and I`ll keep at it

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