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calculate data based on previous values and replace it at negative and zeros values

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MUKESH KUMAR le 4 Juil 2018
Commenté : MUKESH KUMAR le 4 Juil 2018
there is different data in the column in excel (REACTIVE_Y_PH), which has some negative and zeros values also, these values should be replaced by calculating the average of previous data and replace them.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 4 Juil 2018
What were the "last" 5 values when the first few are to be replaced? There are no elements at indexes -4 to 0. Or did you mean the "last" ones at the other end of the array, like from vec(end-4:end)?
MUKESH KUMAR le 4 Juil 2018
Modifié(e) : MUKESH KUMAR le 4 Juil 2018
No, previous values of the column before that value, Like in the image, first 15 values in the second column are negative so make them positive and at 16th row '0' that will be replaced by previous 5 values average((11.5+9.2+9.2+6.9+4.6)/5).Similarly do for next values

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KSSV le 4 Juil 2018
[num,txt,raw] = xlsread('sample.xls') ;
data = cell2mat(cellfun(@str2num,txt(:,2),'un',0)) ;
%%fill negative and zeros
idx = data<=0 ;
data(idx) = NaN ;
data = fillmissing(data,'previous') ;


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