How to implement Macro function in simulink.

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Sai Neelam
Sai Neelam on 8 Jul 2018
Answered: Robert on 12 Jul 2018
Hi All,
How can we implement Macro function in simulink.
ex: #define MAX(a,b) (((a)>(b))?(a):(b))
Note: Matlab version: 2018a, Embedded coder for code generation. Regards, sai

Answers (1)

Robert on 12 Jul 2018
You might define a custom header file on the "Simulation Target" tab of your model's parameters. Place a respective file in the directory of that model. I haven't tried with macros yet, but if you declare a function in that header and also provide a custom source file implementing that function, you'll be able to use it in your C-type Stateflow chart. Don't forget to place the same settings at "Code Generation" -> "Custom Code" if you intend to generate code from that model.




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