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Is there a "which" command equivalent for license information?

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Bo le 10 Juil 2018
Commenté : Bo le 11 Juil 2018
A group of us in my department are getting prompted to update our license information in MATLAB 2014b. I did some digging around to try and determine where my software was looking for my license file (individual user, not concurrent) in order to verify it was using the correct one. My search was mainly unsuccessful. I found several examples of "Here's where it looks by default" which is not what I wanted.
Is there a command that's equivalent to which() for license files so MATLAB will tell me a directory and file name that it's using for license information?

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 11 Juil 2018
In order to verify the license file I assume MATLAB uses, I would start MATLAB using the -c startup optiion, see documentation. Then you can be sure only the specified file is used.
I am however not aware of a command telling me which license file gets used. Actually it can be multiple files and based on your information, you probably found already the respective article where MATLAB looks by default and how environment variables can be used.
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Bo le 11 Juil 2018
Thank you for the information. I think I'm going to submit a request to add an equivalent which() function for license files.
Have a nice morning.

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