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Using license in different country

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Arjun Krishnan
Arjun Krishnan le 12 Juil 2018
Modifié(e) : Andreas Goser le 12 Juil 2018
I do have a license bought in India. Now, I had moved to Germany for business purpose. Can I use the same license or buy a new license in Germany?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 12 Juil 2018
You need permission from Mathworks to use a license in a different region.
I have never spoken to Mathworks about how they handle such situations, so speaking only on general business principles:
Mathworks charges different fees for licenses in different areas, reflecting partly "ability to pay". They do not want people just purchasing at the lowest cost worldwide and then using the license in more expensive regions. It would therefore not be unexpected if Mathworks were to tell someone who asked that it was fine to use a license purchased in a more expensive region while working in a less expensive region, but that they could not use a license purchased in an inexpensive region in a more expensive region.
Probably India is a lower price region than Germany, so my expectation would be that Mathworks would deny permission.
What I have not heard discussed is whether Mathworks might permit you to just pay the difference in prices, or if they would require you to re-purchase. I think difference in price would not be unfair. But there could hypothetically be complications, such as hypothetically they might require that you bring any software maintenance service up to date (I just don't know.)

Mai Seki
Mai Seki le 12 Juil 2018
Hi, I suggest you contact our customer service in you current region.

Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 12 Juil 2018
Modifié(e) : Andreas Goser le 12 Juil 2018
In case you are running you own company, it is your "own commercial license", so indeed see above, contact Customer Service at MathWorks Germany to discuss what needs to be done the license can be used in Germany.
In case you are working for a company, the license is owned by your company and you should contact the license administration. They typically know how to do that. I e.g. know a pretty big Automotive company with a large user base in India as well as Germany, and they simply serve end users from a differnt license pool if the re-locate.


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