Graph Plotting! Which Function Shall I use?

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Tiago de Oliveira
Tiago de Oliveira le 2 Août 2018
Deat Matworkers, I'm having trouble to plot a specific kind of graph, in which I've attached an example. Could anyone help me? Does anyone have any idea how I could do it on Matlab
Just in case, I will describe what I have.
I have 48,000 data and it is about one specific PQ phenomena and I'd like to reunite all these data in one collum (axis X) and in axis Y I'll put the utilization of limit in %.
Thanks in advance,
Kind regards.
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jonas le 2 Août 2018
Modifié(e) : jonas le 2 Août 2018
Looks like something you can do with a normal scatter plot. Just set each group to x=constant+-some random value. Let me know if you need code.
In my opinion a Boxplot is more informative

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Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney le 2 Août 2018
A beeswarm plot might be an option... the plotSpread function on the File Exchange can be used for that.


En savoir plus sur Line Plots dans Help Center et File Exchange


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