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about coder used handles.axes

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seongo park
seongo park on 5 Aug 2018
Answered: Ryan Livingston on 15 Aug 2018
I want to make mex file using coder application, but there is a problem. I don't know the type of handles.axes. this is used at making graph used in gui. Please help me........


Jan on 5 Aug 2018
What exactly is "handles.axes"? How did you define or create it?
handles.axes = 5
Then it is a double. "Used at making graph" does not clarify this.
seongo park
seongo park on 6 Aug 2018
the "handles.axes" is used in gui, axes window. So it is not define values. But I make name 'axes1' at guide window.
When I run mex file, then it say
MATLAB expression 'handle1' is not of the correct class: expected 'struct', found ''.
I define handle1 'struct' but it doesn't work. And in this function,
function [] = abcd(handle1,handle2)
I put handles.axes1 to handle1.

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Ryan Livingston
Ryan Livingston on 15 Aug 2018
Graphing and plotting functions are generally not supported for code generation with MATLAB Coder. If you can elaborate on why you'd like a MEX file, we can provide some guidance.


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