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Here in my code I defined A vector and B vector for my linear programing, the relationship between them is Ax=<B which A is a inequlity vector and B is a RHS and x is variable. the Error is in photo which i attached .how can I solve it?

Asked by Baran Mehrdad on 9 Aug 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Baran Mehrdad on 9 Aug 2018
this is the way I defined b_ineaualty_sec5 :
[b_ineq_sec5]=load_kw* ones(N_time_slots,1);
and this is the way I defined A_inequality_sec5 :
[A_ineq_sec5]=generate_Cplx_Constraint_format( Vars_size, [3;9],-temp2,temp2);
the relationship between A and b is Ax=<b which A is a inequlity vector and B is a RHS and x is variable. I know the problem is with the size of b and A , but how should I define b ?
and this is vars_size and generate_cplex_format functions:
function [Vars_size]= create_variable_bundle(N_time_slots)
Vars_size=[1;N_time_slots;N_time_slots; N_time_slots; N_time_slots; N_time_slots; N_time_slots;N_time_slots;N_time_slots;N_time_slots;N_time_slots;N_time_slots ];
function [A_block]=generate_Cplx_Constraint_format( Vars_size, Var_select,varargin)
temp1= tril(ones(numel(Vars_size),numel(Vars_size)))*Vars_size;
Start_ind= [0;temp1]+1;
temp2=size( varargin{1} ,1);
% A x+ By < b
for i=1: numel(Var_select),
A_block(:,Start_ind(Var_select(i)): Start_ind(Var_select(i))+ Vars_size(Var_select(i))-1 )=varargin{i};


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1 Answer

Answer by Ameer Hamza
on 9 Aug 2018
 Accepted Answer

This problem is happening because load_kw is probably not a scalar, wheres your code seems to indicate it is a scaler. If It is a vector, you need to take care of the dimensions of the two matrices for multiplication.


yes you were right. it's not scalar .and your alternative soulotion also worked and there is no sign of that error anymore. could you plz explain it ? and also i have a new error at the end of my code , new error is :
how can i solve it? it's again related to the m file that i sent before
.* is element-wise multiplication whereas * is matrix multiplication. The second operator requires the matrix dimensions to be consistent.
While for your 2nd error, It seems that you might be accidentally mixing ',' and ';'. , add elements to same row while ; creates a new row. You can add a breakpoint at that line to diagnose the error.
thank you for the feedback. your information was so useful to me. regards

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