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Suresh on 18 Jun 2012
Answered: Brian Hemmat on 12 Feb 2020
Hi, I'm a IT professional interested in doing R&D on Speech Recogntion, would like to create a Speech recognition application using MATLAB? can anyone guide me how I can achieve this.?

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Wayne King
Wayne King on 18 Jun 2012
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Jun 2012
If you mean the actual code outlined in the Digest that Wayne referred to, then you would need to get specific permission from Mathworks for that, as it is copyrighted. However, if you re-implement to something different "enough", then you are okay (well, unless it turns out that something contained there is under patent, which can happen.)

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Brian Hemmat
Brian Hemmat on 12 Feb 2020

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