Retrieve data from uitable when user enters data

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Hello guys! I try to create a uitable for the user to insert values. When the user closes the window, the program must take the inputs and create a matrix. I wrote that: f=figure(1); t=uitable(f); t.ColumnEditable=true; d={'ACCP',0;'AIR',0;'AIRP',0;'ATOS',0}; t.Data = d; waitfor(gcf); datamatrix=get(t,'Data'); and I get this error: Error using matlab.ui.control.Table/get Invalid or deleted object. Please help me! Thank you

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M on 21 Aug 2018
You should handle the deletion of the table properly as explained here:
With this example you can retrieve the data when the figure is closed, you can adapt it to retrieve the data whenever the user enter a new value.

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