how to add 2( two) function

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vaya putra
vaya putra on 24 Aug 2018
Commented: vaya putra on 24 Aug 2018
dear Matlab I have 2 functions
q1 = @(p,T, bhp) WI .* (rho(p(w1),T(w1))./mu(p(w1),T(w1))) .* (p_conn(bhp,bhT)-p(w1));
q2 = @(p,T, bhp)-WI .* (rho(p(w2),T(w2))./mu(p(w2),T(w2))) .* (p_conn(bhp,bhT)-p(w2));
how to add that 2 function.I try
q_conn = q1+q2;
i got error
Undefined operator '+' for input arguments of type 'function_handle'.

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Ji Hoon Jeong
Ji Hoon Jeong on 24 Aug 2018
Hi vaya putra
This error comes out because you are basically adding two "functions". What you want to do is probably adding two functions "output"
So, you should make another function which takes inputs and feed them to each function and add the output
this is an example.
q1 = @(a,b) a+b;
q2 = @(a,b) a*b;
q3 = @(a,b) q1(a,b) + q2(a,b);
for your code, this might help
q_conn = @(p,T, bhp) q1(p,T, bhp)+q2(p,T, bhp)
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vaya putra
vaya putra on 24 Aug 2018
thank you, for your help

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