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analyse accelerometer and gyroscope data

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Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson le 27 Août 2018
Rouvert : Walter Roberson le 22 Déc 2018
Hi, I am using an IMU device to monitor animal behaviour. I am trying to use Matlab to analyse the data, however, I am unsure how to upload the data to use the signal analyzer app? I would like to create thresholds to detect peaks of interest, so only the feature peaks will be acknowldeged (for classifying animal behaviour)
Any advice would be much appreciated. Thankyou.

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Pierre845 le 27 Août 2018
Hello Katrina;
What you're trying to do has got multiple steps, some easier than others.
First to need to upload the data from your IMU to your computer .. nothing to see with Matlab at this stage. Look up the IMU doc to do that.
It's likely that once your IMU data will be on your computer it will be in the form of a .csv or .txt file; therefore use either the function csvread or dlmread to transform the IMU text data from a text/csv file to a matrix in Matlab.
Then this is where te hard work starts, and where this Matlab 'ANSWER' community space will not really be able to help you. You need to FILTER the data .. it is a job and there's not one option but hundreds, it depends what you're after; finding the peaks from raw data will likely lead you to wrong results. Filtering the data needs to take into account the sampling rate and drift .. indeed accelerometers / gyroscopes have a tendency to drift; hence it is necessary to remove the drifting .. many functions can do that, gain it depends on what the input signal is like and wheat you want as a result; there's no simple solution unfortunately and it will likely need some trial and error plus research on your side.

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Katrina Anderson
Katrina Anderson le 4 Sep 2018
Thankyou for your answer!


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