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fminsearch with boundary conditions on parameters

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mark wentink
mark wentink le 20 Juin 2012
hello everyone,
I am using fminsearch to find three parameters for theoretical values of my data, but matlab occasionally gives me negative values as the best fit, which is experimentally impossible. I was wondering if it was possible to set conditions for the parameters. In the following,I want the three values in p to be strictly positive:
[p1, c1]=fminsearch(@(p)chi2S(p,testConc,testIL202, testEdraw), p0)
thanks for your help, Mark

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Sargondjani le 21 Juin 2012
in the file exchange there is an fminsearch with boundaries (fminsearchbnd)
i assume you dont have the optimization toolbox, otherwise you could use fmincon

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