How can i generate a function using this points?

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If i got x=[1,3,8,25,45,23]; and y=[25,24,13,69,25,75];
Mr. 206
Mr. 206 on 29 Aug 2018
Okey for example if i want a polynomial function, can you help me?

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 29 Aug 2018
x = [1,3,8,25,45,23];
y = [25,24,13,69,25,75];
p = polyfit(x, y, 5)

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Cesar Antonio Lopez Segura
Hi Here the solution:
% Your cloud point
% calculate a new cloud point that contain the last one
xnew = [1, 1.5 ,3,6,8,25,32,45,31,23];
ynew = interp1( x,y, xnew,'pchip' );
% plot de new values
plot(x,y,'o');hold on;plot( xnew, ynew,'r' )
% polinomios
p = interp1( x,y,'pchip' );
Cesar Antonio Lopez Segura
You can define x values in ascending order with sort.
Then you can order de y values.
[xtointerpol indx ] = sort(x);
ytointerpol = y(indx);

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