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I have matlab 2018a trail version, I'm not able to see the simulated data

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Pawan Bharadwaja
Pawan Bharadwaja le 31 Août 2018
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Our university have unlimited licenses but simscape driveline was not available and I have downloaded train version. When I have simulated some vehicle model I am not able to visualise simulation data. Can't we get that in trail versions????

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 31 Août 2018
The issue you see is not related to your Simscape Driveline license being a trial. Other than that, I suggest you try one of the demos and see whether you see issues with this or not. This way, you narrow down whether there is a general issue with the setup, or in your personal model. "not able to vizualize data" is pretty generic. Please provide more information.




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