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display excel data in guitable ?

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ARUN V le 4 Sep 2018
I've an excel data sheet.. how can i dispaly the data in to uitable in GUI. Enclosure contains excel sheet and its screenshot is also given..
The GUI figure is given, on pressing the pushbutton i want to display the data in uitable...
Thanks in advance

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Ji Hoon Jeong
Ji Hoon Jeong le 4 Sep 2018
Modifié(e) : Ji Hoon Jeong le 4 Sep 2018
First load the data file (i.e. xls file) And feed it into uitable with name-value pair.
[~, ~, raw] = xlsread('Book1.xlsx');
I hope you are familiar with the button event function. If you need further help, please reply.


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