Could anyone help me to solve the issue in the command line

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jaah navi
jaah navi le 4 Sep 2018
feval(symengine, 'combinat::bell', 4) I can run the command line with respect to 4.Could anyone help how to run the same command with respect to different numbers 12,24,36 instead of 4 in such a way the command needs to take the numbers in order.

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Ji Hoon Jeong
Ji Hoon Jeong le 4 Sep 2018
for i = [4, 12, 24, 36]
Is this what you looking for?
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jaah navi
jaah navi le 5 Sep 2018
Modifié(e) : Walter Roberson le 5 Sep 2018
For the code
temp = arrayfun(@(i) feval(symengine, 'combinat::bell', i), [4 5 6], 'uniform', 0);
output = vertcat(temp{:});
I am getting the result as output =
Could you please help me how to get what are the partitions present in those outputs 15,52,203 with respect to their corresponding numbers.

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