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How to connect the dots

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Atom le 22 Juin 2012
I am plotting with plot(x,var(x),'o')
var(x) is the variance. These points (x,var(x)) are the discrete points in a x-var(x) plane. How write the plot command so the there discrete points be joined by st. line (or a smooth curve)
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 22 Juin 2012
variance essentially applies to an unordered list of points (a "multi-set"): each of the unique permutations of x necessarily has the same variance. That would not often be referred to as "discrete points" in the plane.

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Thomas le 22 Juin 2012
Dunno if this is what you want..
DO realize that var(x) is a single scalar value as the variance of x

Adam Filion
Adam Filion le 22 Juin 2012
You can use
to connect the dots. This draws a straight line from one to the next.
EDIT: As Thomas pointed out, var(x) returns a single value, so the above command doesn't connect the dots without using repmat as Thomas suggested to create a vector of matching size.



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