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How to save a part of a Simulink model as image?

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daanav le 11 Sep 2018
In my Simulink model I have created an area around a calculation. The area has a title and description. I can access the contents of the area programmatically. So I can create a document where the title and the description is written. But I have not yet found a way to take the screenshot of the area and its contents programmatically.
Is there a way to only take a screenshot programmatically of the area and not the entire model.
Thanks in advance.

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Luca Ferro
Luca Ferro le 12 Avr 2023
Probably too late but i'll leave it here for those that might need it:
This will save the image as a jpeg at 300pp. You can use other formats such as -dpdf, -dtiff, ...
This > modelName/subSystemName < is just the path to the susbystem


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