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Matlab Production Server. How to check if I have it?

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Anna Zhirkina
Anna Zhirkina le 11 Sep 2018
Sorry for probably dumb question, but I feel like I'm stuck here. I've been able to create a deployable archive, but I can't create a server, cause it looks like I don't have the needed software (mpc commands are not recognized). I have Matlab pre-installed on my work machine, and, supposedly, it has every possible toolbox. I'm new to Production server and have troubles understanding, is it a part of Matlab or a standalone application? There is no particular installer for production server, so I assume, that if I have full license, I should have it as well. Is there a way to check whether my license covers this feature, whether it's already installed (and where, if so) and what should I do if not?

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Andreas Goser
Andreas Goser le 12 Sep 2018
Anna, no dumb question at all! Great you are interested in working with MATLAB Production Server. I looked up the license you are linked to and can say there is no license for MATLAB Production Server. As you are working for a large organisation, there might that license available though.
I will contact somebody within MathWorks who will either contact you directly or you will be contacted by the the distributor in your country.

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