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square root of a transfer function

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aaa le 23 Juin 2012
I am trying to find the magnitude of my system 'sys', so i know i have to take the square root of a transfer function in my code. I know that you cannot do it directly, so what I tried to do was
[mag phase] = bode(sys,logspace(1,1e7,300));
mag = squeeze(mag);
D = sqrt(mag);
I have another transfer function sys2, which I would like to divide with this magnitude value, but MATLAB doesn't seem to quite like this. How would I be able to take my result D and change it back to a transfer function so that I can do the division sys2/D?
Thanks for your time.
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Craig le 20 Juil 2012
Are you trying to compute an array of transfer functions?
For example

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