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Programing Zynq device in ADALM-PLUTO using Simulink

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I want to buy the ADALM-PLUTO hardware to taste some SDR algorithms. I saw in Analog Devices Wiki that I need a JTAG-USB converter to program the FPGA. My question is if I can program the whole Zynq device (PS and PL) using Matlab tools (like HDL coder, Simulink...) downloading the Communications System Toolbox Support Package for Analog Devices ADALM-Pluto Radio and using only the USB cable?
Many thanks in advance

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Neil MacEwen
Neil MacEwen on 13 Sep 2018
Hi Alejandro,
Unfortunately there is no capability to program either the ARM processor or the FPGA fabric from our tools. The Pluto device has a very small FPGA which would severely limit any realistic algorithm. We are considering support for code generation to the ARM processor.
For more capabilities, you could consider one of the more capable Zynq-based radios.
Kind regards,

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